Saturday, October 18, 2008

Painting at Bisque-It

Today we painted pottery at Bisque-It with the “Mommies and Me” group. I was so excited to bring you here, but yet worried because there are so many breakables in this pottery shop. Trish, the owner had the store set up for lots of little munchicans with paintbrushes and paint already laid out on the tables. We didn’t waste any time and within minutes we had your hand painted blue and a handprint on a little tile. You also hand painted your own 3 x 3 tile, and you helped mommy by putting your handprints on a Christmas ornament, which I had Grandma Alida paint Merry Christmas on since her painting skills are better than mine! Thank you for being so well behaved and allowing me to finish all three pieces. You were so patient for the 2 ½ hours we were there. Not only did I notice how good you had been, but a couple of other ladies mentioned to me that you are the best behaved kid they’ve ever met. We can also thank Richard for entertaining you by reading books, making paper airplanes, and drawing with you. Being that we were the last ones to leave you had Richard’s undivided attention and were enjoying every minute of it! He drew the cutest picture of you which depicts everything you had done that day. Well, I cannot wait to pick up our pieces after they are fired in the kiln. The colors will look much different than they appear in the before pictures. I will have to post some after pictures once we pick them up.


Trish said...

yay!! You posted again!! Looks like you guys had a great time.

Trish said...

Time to update. I bet I wouldn't recognize has been too long!! It was great talking to you today. I wish that we could see each other more often!!!! We miss you guys!!!